The E-spire is a unique structural design proposal that will offer visitors and students alike a unique way of experiencing and enjoying the peak district park and will act as both landmark and education resource at the heart of the park.

The spire will comprise four active platform levels, supported with a filigree structural exoskeleton frame that rises delicately through its spectacular surroundings, topping out at 48m with an open platform space.

Visitors & students will arrive at the base of the tower and ascend via an enclosed staircase that spirals up through three intermediate platforms or via a low energy, high capacity lift which will run inside the core servicing each of the platform levels.

The ground level platform will be a hub classroom space that will enable working and dwelling. This space will also house a café space for visitors and learners alike.

The first intermediate platform level will accommodate an enclosed open plan event space for both commercial and education use.

The third platform level will be semi enclosed and will provide users with both internal and external spaces to use either independently or simultaneously providing a unique experience for users.

The final level will be a completely open deck with both solid and open mesh floor decks and will include an elevated play zone with a netted walkway to allow visitors, adults and children to really experience the elements and 360-degree views of the site and the National Park beyond.